Monday, July 20, 2009

3 more new skills

Last Friday at gymnastics I did something new that added on to my squat on jump to the high bar long hang pullover. It was really scary because it was up pretty high. After I did the long hang pullover I did a back hip circle which you go around the bar backwards and stop when you get back to the top undershoot (you just go down and hang) then swung twice turned to the side touched the bar and jumped down!!!!! It was really scary and really fun. : ) Another thing that I did was a mount on the beam. It is hard to explain but I will hopefully video everything that I can do and hopefully show you soon! : ) The last thing that I did was a front tuck off of the end of the beam with a spot from my coach. Hopefully I can do it by myself soon!!! : ) I did a lot more things at gymnastics before I started this blog. So if you have any questions about what I can do just post it on a comment and I will answer your question. I will post things that I did before slowly as I tell you things that go on in my world. : )


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  1. You have been making great progress in your gymnastic skills. I'm really looking forward to what you can do after gymnastic camp next week!! You are going to have a blast!